Friday, April 24, 2009


Another incredibly simple game -- this one with a bit less strategy than the last. This is probably the simplest game I’ve ever played. It’s essentially the Scandinavian equivalent to Tic-Tac-Toe: incredibly simple, unwinnable for skilled players, not really that strategic, easy and quick to play. But it’s interesting, I suppose, so here goes.


All you need is a simple board and two distinct tokens per player. This game really doesn’t merit a printable board, as it can be drawn so easily, but because I’m awesome I’m providing one anyway.


Setup  Initial setup position

Players take turns moving on of their tokens along a line to an empty space. The goal is to block both of your opponent’s pieces so that they have no possible moves. And that’s it. There is only one position that allows this, reflected on either side of the board. The trick is pretty much to hope your opponent doesn’t know the one victory configuration. Very deep.

Endgame Victory for white. Wow, this game is really, really simple